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Wailea Point Residence 2303, 2303G

Wailea HI 96753

Neighborhood Info
Wailea Point Residence 2303, 2303G
Wailea, HI 96753
2 Bed 2 Bath
Text "302965" to 79564
  • Nearest Gym 5 Miles
  • Nearest Airport 5 Miles
  • Nearest Hospital 5 Miles
  • Nearest Gas Station 5 Miles
  • Nearest School 5 Miles
About the Property

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Nestled Between two world class beaches is the luxurious and exclusive oasis called Wailea Point Condominiums. Considered to be one of Hawaii's finest oceanfront residential condominium developments. Known for its superior construction and privacy.

Wailea Point Condo Unit 2303 comes complete with the Pacific Blue Ocean beckonin...

What's nearby in 20 Miles:
20+ Gym 20+ Airport 20+ Hospital
20+ Gas Station 20+ School 20+ Fire Station
20+ Night Life 20+ Bank 20+ Post Office
Jeannie Kong R(S) RS-68054 Direct: 808-276-1832 Office: 808-875-4444 Maui Real Estate Advisors LLC 161 Wailea Ike Place #A-102
Wailea, Maui, Hawaii HI 96753